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Below please find a list of some questions that are frequently asked by residents of the 9th district.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact one of our offices where Bill’s staff will be happy to assist you.    
Am I a constituent?
If you are unsure whether Bill is your Representative, you can check by utilizing the “Find Your Representative” tool on the top right corner of the US House of Representatives Homepage.
What is the best way to contact Bill?
The best way to contact Bill – and also the most effective way – is to email him.  You are also always welcome to call or visit any of our four offices if you have a question or need additional information. 
How can I schedule a meeting with Bill or someone on his staff?
Our Online Office has a convenient web form that you can fill out to request a meeting.  
How can I get regular updates from Bill?
Bill sends periodic email updates that provide information on important issues and events in our district via his eNewsletter (link to eNewsletter signup).  You can unsubscribe from this service at any time, and your name and email address will never be shared with anyone.
What are Bill’s committee assignments?
Bill serves on the Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees.  Learn more about them by visiting our Committees & Caucuses (link) page.
What legislation has Bill introduced?
To see a list of the original legislation Bill has introduced, in addition to the legislation he has cosponsored, please click visit our Sponsored Legislation page
How can I find out the status of a particular bill in the House of Representatives or Senate?
THOMAS is a site operated by the Library of Congress that allows you to search for specific federal legislation.  Some of the information you may find includes bills and resolutions, the Congressional Record, Committee Information and Congress’ schedule and calendar, among other things.  
Can I watch proceedings on the House floor?
CSPAN allows you to watch House proceedings in real time from any location.
Can Bill help me resolve a problem with a federal agency such as the IRS?
As a Member of Congress, it is Bill’s privilege to assist his constituents and work with federal agencies on their behalf. More information on the services our office can provide can be found on our Help with a Federal Agency page. You can also call any one of our three district offices and staff there will be able to assist you.
How can I obtain a passport?
Our office’s information on passports can be found on our Passports and Visas page.
Are there opportunities for an internship in Bill’s office?
Bill’s Internship Program offers college students the unique opportunity to obtain a hands-on experience with the United States House of Representatives. More information and an online application can be found on our Internships (link) page.
How can I have a flag flown over the Capitol?
Constituents are able to obtain a flag by filling out Bill’s Flag Request Form and following the accompanying instructions. 
Can Bill help me with a problem I’m having with a state or local agency?
As a Member of Congress, Bill is able to inquire of federal agencies on your behalf.  If your case involves the Massachusetts State government or local concerns, however, you should contact your representative in the State Senate or House for assistance.  You can find your local representative on the Massachusetts State Legislature page.
Can Bill help me with a legal problem?
Even though Bill was formerly Norfolk County District Attorney for twelve years, House rules prohibit Bill or his staff from offering legal advice or intervening in a pending lawsuit.