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Consumer Protections

If you are a victim of consumer fraud or identity theft, please contact one of our offices immediately for assistance.


Each day, residents in Massachusetts receive numerous solicitations to open a new credit card, sign-up for better insurance, or purchase a new wonder product. Millions of Americans fall victim to consumer scams each year – many of them as a result of these types of solicitations.

Consumers deserve an honest marketplace and our government is consistently on the look-out for consumer predators. To truly protect yourself, however, you must also be diligent. Below is a list of consumer protection resources to help you do this.

Know Your Rights

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
FDIC: Consumer Protection
Federal Reserve's Office of Consumer Help
Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General: Consumer Resources

Scams, Consumer Fraud, and Unsolicited Offers

FTC: Scam Alerts
Facts on Prescreened Offers of Credit and Insurance
Credit and Loan Scams
Work-at-Home Scams
Business Opportunity Scams
Mail Fraud Schemes
National Do Not Call Registry
Massachusetts Do Not Call Registry


As technology progresses, ordinary transactions – from purchasing something online to requesting more information from your pharmacist – become more and more convenient. The downside of that convenience, however, is that your personal information becomes more susceptible to identity theft.

Identity theft has become an epidemic across the country and is the fastest growing white collar crime in America according to the Federal Trade Commission. Securing your identification is not only important for your personal finances and protection but also for the protection of our communities as stolen IDs are often used by criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists.

Below is a list of resources to help you prevent against identity theft.

Protecting Your Personal Information