Bill is a strong supporter of women’s reproductive rights and    policies that afford access to legal, safe reproductive healthcare services.  Most recently, he opposed H.R. 3, a bill that aims to rescind tax credits for small businesses that provide their    employees with healthcare coverage plans that include legal    abortion services. 

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, Bill started a    Women’s Advisory Board for the 9th  Congressional District.        The Board is comprised of female professionals, public servants, community leaders and small businesswomen from across the district.  It will provide insight on how to best serve the female


 Bill speaks at the inaugural meeting
of his Women's Advisory Board.

population of Massachusetts’s South Shore, Cape and Islands.  The issues addressed by the Board, however, will not be limited to those affecting women only and will also focus on families, education, community and small business needs.

Bill’s Washington DC office in the Cannon House Office Building was also once the office of the first woman elected to the United States Congress – Jeanette Rankin, a Republican from Montana who was elected in 1917.  


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