Consumer Protections & Identity Theft

If you are a victim of consumer fraud or identity theft, please contact one of our offices immediately for assistance.

Consumer Protections
Identity Theft


Each day, residents in Massachusetts receive numerous solicitations to open a new credit card, sign-up for better insurance or purchase a new wonder product.  Millions of Americans fall victims to consumer scams each year; many of them as a result of these types of solicitations.

Consumers deserve an honest marketplace and our government is consistently on the look-out for consumer predators.  To truly protect yourself, however, you must also be diligent.  Below is a list of consumer protection resources to help you do this.


Click here to be directed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Know Your Rights

FDIC: Consumer Financial Rights
FDIC: The New Consumer Protections on Credit Cards
Federal Reserve's Office of Consumer Help

Scams and Consumer Fraud

Consumer Reports: 10 common consumer scams and what to do about them.

Find scam alerts in Massachusetts

FTC’s Guide to Credit Cards and Consumer Loans

Facts on Prescreened Offers of Credit and Insurance

Business Opportunities Scams

Work-at-Home Scams

Find Out More about Mail Fraud Schemes

Learn More about Spam Emails

Sign up for Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation’s Consumer Insider

Filing a consumer complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office


Keeping your Savings SecurE

Find out about the financial health of your bank.

Learn more about account insurance through the FDIC

Calculate your FDIC insurance coverage

SEC’s Investor Alerts and Bulletins

Filing a complaint about your bank with the Massachusetts Division of Banks


Phone Solicitations

National Do Not Call Registry

Massachusetts Do Not Call Registry

Massachusetts Attorney General’s page on Phone Solicitations


As technology progresses, ordinary transactions – from purchasing something online to requesting more information from your pharmacist – become more and more convenient.  The downside of that convenience, however, is that your personal information becomes more susceptible to identity theft.

Identity theft has become an epidemic across the country and is the fastest growing white collar crime in America according to the Federal Trade Commission.  Below is a list of resources to help you secure your personal information as well as advise what to do if your identity is stolen.


Protecting Your Personal Information

Your Rights to Financial Privacy

Financial Privacy... Answers to Your Questions

Children’s Online Privacy

Securing Your Computer

Consumer Reports:  Protect your identity

FDIC’s Guide to Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission’s Fighting Back against Identity Theft

Massachusetts Attorney General's Guide to ID Theft